Terms and Conditions – Applicable to Standardbred Service Contract

  • The service fee relates to the provision of semen only.
  • The semen will be transported and delivered to the preferred stud
    farm or property.
  • Registration papers must arrive with the mare or beforehand. Mares
    cannot be served/semen sent without these papers.
  • All other costs including working fees incurred at the Stud Farm
    or property where the Mare is served shall be the responsibility of
    the Breeder/Broodmare Owner.
  • The preferred Stud Farm or property will charge the Breeder/Broodmare
    Owner directly for any of its fees to the mare herein named.
  • The responsibility is on the Breeder/Broodmare Owner to familiarize
    themselves with the chosen stud’s charges and terms and conditions that
    do not form part of this contract. The stud will invoice these charges
    separately to the Breeder/Broodmare Owner.
  • The service fee is ‘PAYABLE ON 45 DAY PREGNANCY TEST’.
    • All Broodmares that semen is supplied for, shall be deemed in
      foal unless:
      • The Preferred Stud Farm provides a written status report;
      • The Breeder/Broodmare Owner provides a veterinary certificate
        of status.

    • Sick and/or deformed foals must be reported within twenty-four
      hours of birth accompanied by a veterinary report.
  • The Breeder/ Broodmare Owner hereby acknowledges that they understand
    and accept the terms and conditions of this breeding contract.
  • Any insurance cover of mare and foal is the responsibility of the
    Breeder/ Broodmare Owner.
  • This contract shall not be delegated or transferred, and in the
    event the mare herein named is sold or delegated for sale, the service
    fee, if unpaid shall immediately become payable and due by the Breeder/
    Broodmare Owner herein named.